What is starimu

Starimu is a virtual world where you can express yourself and explore hundreds of unique styles. Not that only! But imagine a world where you can meet hundreds of people around the globe just by using your device! Get creative, play games and have the best time all in one place.

Our Features


Our game is designed to run on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also supports Android and iOS.

Safe community

To ensure everyone is playing in a safe environment we implemented a powerful chat algorithm. Our chat logs are being moderated 24 hours.


Players will be able to express their creativity and create their unique avatar through our stylish items!

Educational games

We created mini-games that will help you develop new skills and enhance the functioning of the brain. They also teach problem-solving, social skills, and maths.


Meet and interact with millions of friends around the globe.

  • "Our mission is to bring joy and to put smiles on the faces through our entertaining, fun games. We strive to provide empowering protection and a safe community."

    Starimu Team

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Starimu is a virtual world where you can make new friends from all over the world, socialise, play games, and collect cool items!

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