1. If you are under 13 years old, please let your parent/guardian know that you’ve registered Starimu.

2. NEVER use any personal information when choosing your username this includes first name, last name, address, country, school, phone number.

2. DON'T use any inappropriate usernames. Please use a username that describes you and is representable. Any vulgar or offensive usernames are not allowed.

3. DON'T share your Starimu ID information with anyone this includes your password and email address.

Code of conduct:

1. NEVER share any personal information this includes social media accounts, first name, last name, address, school, country, and phone number.

2. DON'T swear, cuss or use any bad words. Any use of vulgar, foul, sexual/sexually suggestive, abusive or racist language/roleplay is strictly prohibited.

4. DON'T Cyberbully or harass any other player.

5. DON'T ask other players for their personal information or social medias. Pictures or cam requests is strictly prohibited.


6. DON'T use of unauthorized third-party engines, hacks, or any cheating softwares.

7. NEVER share or sell your account or anything in the game for real money.

7. DON'T enter your Starimu ID information in any third-party apps even if it promises you free items. Please be aware as it is someone trying to scam/hack you.

Last but not least have fun and enjoy!

What happens if you violate the rules

Please note anyone who violate the rules might a get warning, suspension, or permanent ban.

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