Safety tips

Your safety is our number one priority. Please follow the following steps to ensure your safety while playing Starimu.

Avoid sharing personal information

Remember never share sensitive information such as address, name, e-mail, school. or phone number. Sharing your personal data with people you don't know personally is considered one of the biggest risks online. It could lead to of identity theft, stalking and harassment so be careful what you share.

Protect your privacy

Never give out your personal data such as your social media accounts, photos, and passwords. Remember you don't know who you're speaking to online. Stranger Danger!

Be nice to your fellow Starians!

Respect other players. Choose your words and think before you type! Use appropriate and friendly language. Remember we're all here to have a fun time together!

Beware of cyberbullies

If another player is making you feel uncomfortable, tell a trusted adult/gaurdian. Say NO if a player asks you to share a photo or to turn on your webcam. Please report any toxic behaviors and rude language.

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